C3 concept

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C3 stands for triple circular; The circular procurement of concrete, the circular handling of wood and the circular setting in which our employees work. Rock products are produced in a sustainable way and contribute to a circular economy.

We offer our products standard in 3 types of wood; (circular) spruce, Douglas fir, and hardwood (bangkirai). If new wood is chosen, we obviously only supply FSC approved wood.


Through a good partnership with a large national contractor, we have generated a continuous flow of scaffolding boards. These planks are rejected for construction and scaffolding purposes after being used several times. By stripping the planks of nails and screws, burring off the sharp edges, sanding the surfaces and checking for splinters, we prepare the planks for a second life. The planks keep the raw lived-in character, but are now fully suitable for outdoor furniture.

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The concrete we use is poured, not pressed, which gives the concrete a very dense and strong quality. We use high-quality molds with silicone liners. These give the elements a smooth skin. Algae and other dirt has much less chance on this smooth surface, and it is therefore easy to clean.


Our products are made from residual concrete that comes from one of the largest concrete plants in Amsterdam. This is because concrete plants always have concrete left over; after all, no contractor orders shortages! Often the concrete that remains is still of good quality and still very suitable to produce our products with. In cooperation with the concrete plant, we have selected a number of suitable concrete types and receive the leftover concrete instead of it ending up in the landfill. By enriching the concrete with a number of admixtures, we turn it into very high-quality concrete elements.

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Both the products and the people behind our products are given a second chance. Together we ensure a sustainable economy we contribute to a better world for nature and people.


The third component is the people behind the product. Rock Products' products are produced responsibly. Our workshop employs a large number of people who are unwillingly forced to sit at home on welfare. While on benefit, they are allowed to come and develop themselves. They learn new skills and get back into the work rhythm. Over time, we see these people return to the labor market.

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Are you ready for the sustainable choice?

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